Sunset Healthcare Oxygen Concentrator Starter Kit

Sunset Healthcare

Sunset Healthcare Oxygen Concentrator Starter Kit

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The Oxygen Concentrator Starter Kit has everything you need to use with oxygen concentrator to get started with oxygen therapy. If your purchasing an O2 Concentrator, we recommend the following oxygen starter kit.    

Product Specifications and Resources

What's in the Box
  • (2) Cannula with 7ft Tube
  • (2) 15ft Supply Tube
  • (1) Christmas Tree Connector - Swivel
  • (1) Oxygen In Use Sign
  • (1) Tubing Connector - Non-swivel
  • (1) Tubing Y-Connector
  • (1) Tubing Connector - Swivel
  • (1) Wrench
  • (1) Brass Washer

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