Cubii JR2+ Compact Seated Elliptical Machine


Cubii JR2+ Compact Seated Elliptical Machine

SKU: MD804450
MFG Part #: F4B2AQU
  • Getting active, staying active, and reaching your wellness goals just got easier! Our newest model is compact, lightweight, and Bluetooth-enabled to seamlessly track your progress in the Cubii mobile app.
  • Offers a low-impact elliptical motion that helps burn calories, targets the lower body and obliques, and can help increase leg strength, mobility, and your daily activity level.
  • Features a built-in handle and less than 20 lb. lightweight build allowing you to easily pick up, carry, and position your Cubii JR2+ under your desk or at your favorite seat.
  • Tracks your strides, distance, speed, active time, and calories burned, on the LCD display monitor and in the Cubii mobile app via Bluetooth.
  • Comes easy to assembled – all you need to do is attach the pedals to the unit; we even provide the screwdriver!
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    Get the emotional and physical benefits of exercise without changing your daily routine. Cubii JR2+ is our first Bluetooth seated elliptical that lets you work out online using our Cubii mobile app AND offline using the LCD display monitor. 


    • Low-impact, easy to use, and under 20 pounds, JR2+'s compact design lets you be active from almost any seat.
    • Build healthy habits and celebrate your success! Seamlessly sync JR2+ with the Cubii mobile app, Fitbit, HealthKit, and App Watch to set personalized goals, track your progress, join live Cubii Studio+ workout classes, and join free Cubii Wellness Journiis.
    • The smooth elliptical motion targets your lower body and obliques to help you increase energy, leg strength, and daily activity level.
    • The smooth elliptical motion can help you increase leg strength, mobility, and daily activity level without drastically changing your current routine.
    • Pick up and carry your Cubii JR2+ from your living room to your desk to your table using the built-in handle! Wherever you like to sit our compact seated ellipticals move with you.
    • Carry effortlessly from room to room with the new, lightweight design. JR2+ is light enough to carry and sturdy enough to stay in place while Do you have a rolling office chair? Use the attachable wheel cup to hold the front wheel of your chair in place while you pedal.
    • Built-in display screen tracks your strides, distance, speed, active time, and calories burned, in sync with the Cubii mobile app.
    • Bluetooth-enabled seamless syncing to the Cubii mobile app to access all current and past workout data, goal setting and reminders, Cubii Studio+ workout classes, and so much more! The Cubii mobile app is also compatible with Fitbit, HealthKit, and Apple Watch.

    Product Specifications and Resources

    Display LCD
    Bluetooth Yes
    Cubii App Yes
    Syncs with Fitbit Yes
    Syncs with Apple HealthKit Yes
    Color Aqua
    Weight < 20 lbs
    Dimensions 22 in x 11.5 in x 11.5 in
    Warranty 1 year
    UPC 852811008689
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  • JR2+ Compact Seated Elliptical Machine



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